Educator. Activist. Neighbor.

Erika Wozniak Francis has been a Chicago Public School teacher and a recognized progressive advocate for over a decade. Erika comes from a working class family that instilled in her the values of compassion and responsibility--values are lacking in city government. Erika has been an advocate for political reform, quality public education and fiscally responsible, good government on the local, city and state level. Erika has served on the board of Chicago Votes, which has engaged thousands of young people in local politics and broadly expanded voting rights across our state. She’s elevated the voices of women through her work as a host and producer of The Girl Talk, a monthly talk show that features women in leadership. Erika was chosen as the American Federation of Teachers “Everyday Hero” Award winner in 2016, a national teaching award that is given out every two years to honor the outstanding public policy advocacy work of educators throughout our country. Erika serves on the State Educator and Preparation Licensure Board for the Illinois State Board of Education.  

Erika currently resides in Uptown with her husband, Brian and dog, Miley.

Too many elected leaders in Chicago represent the interests of developers, campaign contributors or the mayor. As alderman, I will change how things are done and bringing ethics and transparency to local government.
— Erika Wozniak Francis